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Distributed Observer Network
The Distributed Observer Network (DON) is a virtual environment where simulation results can be assessed simultaneously by multiple users at multiple locations.
Developed by NASA and Valador, Inc., the DON leverages commercial gaming technology to bring 3D models of simulated mission data to the desktop. The joint development team created DON to address some of the common deficiencies of current simulators, enabling:
  • Common, standardized format
    for information sharing;
  • Use on commercially-available platforms,
    across the internet;
  • Efficient distribution of simulation results; and
  • Collaboration between multiple users.
Realistic 3D objects and environments are visualized by importing model data from multiple sources to the DON, including CAD programs and NASA simulators. Using streaming telemetry data, the DON enables users to view accurate 3D representations of mission simulations in near-real-time.
By presenting this real-world representation of simulation data in a multi-user, interactive environment, the DON facilitates collaboration, reduces project costs, and improves effectiveness of simulation results assessment.