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Exploration requires bold, innovative thinking, a steadfast commitment to planning, and the very best technology. NASA has embraced this commitment for nearly half a century, pushing beyond the outer reaches of our understanding, and today is equipped with the tools to meet the challenges of a new millennium.
Vehicle Assembly in the DON
As the primary viewing and distribution environment for NASA’s Constellation Program, run by the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate (ESMD),
the DON employs gaming technology to bring data from potentially hundreds of mission simulations to a desktop virtual environment. The DON enables cost-effective information-sharing by allowing engineers to rapidly assimilate telemetry data into a common environment for user collaboration from anywhere in the world.
Rocket Launch in the DON
Exploring the Moon, Mars and beyond will require the brightest minds, and the best technology, and NASA’s Constellation Program is leading the way with the DON.
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NASA’s Exploration Systems Mission Directorate develops systems that promote and ensure the safe, sustained, and affordable human and robotic exploration of the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

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